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Part globe trotting travelogue, part aspirational food documentary: every week Wild Coffee takes you inside the specialty industry to give you an unique view into the secret world of coffee.


The second–most traded commodity in the world, after oil, is coffee.

We run on it. And every step in the journey of the bean, from farmer to roaster to your morning cup, has a story to tell. Most of us know the basics, and some of us pride ourselves on knowing a bit more than that. But the truth is that coffee production and consumption are a worldwide tradition, going back thousands of years, in a trail leading from Ethiopia to every continent and country.

That’s a lot of exploring, a lot of chemistry, a lot of tradition, and a whole lot of coffee.

Part globe-trotting travelogue, part aspirational food reality doc, WILD COFFEE uses Mike McKim’s connections at every level of the specialty coffee industry to give us a uniquely elite view into the secrets of this shifting, chaotic global economy. From your cheapest home brew’s Viet Namese robusto varietals to the epicurean exotics of kopi luwak and the espresso-only coffee culture of Australia, we will learn the business and the science of coffee, from bean to steam.


McKim, a specialty roaster from Austin, Texas, makes it his business to learn these stories and share them with consumers. As the founder of Cuvée Coffee, he’s created relationships with green and fair–market coffee growers the world over. A great breadth of knowledge about every aspect of coffee production has given Mike an interest in detangling the buzzword culture of coffee consumption to learn — and show — the rich and complex circumstances under which our coffee is grown and imported, processed and distributed, sold and served.

“When Mike McKim, founder of Cuvée Coffee, prepares his morning cup, he’s meticulously exacting with his weights and measurements—like an engineer, alchemist or apothecary. It’s a fitting comparison, really, because McKim is actually equal parts of all of these.”Edible Austin

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